New Year, Name and Vision

New Year New Name, New Vision

As the 2018 new year begins, we are excited to announce that the Nehemiah Network is becoming the CityChurch Network.

For more than 20 years the Nehemiah Network has been uniting Central Arkansas’ churches. During this time:

    • Hundreds of pastors and thousands of people have participated in united prayer opportunities through our monthly leader’s prayer gatherings, the 20 annual prayer summits, and quarterly citywide evenings of prayer and worship.
    • Thousands have been mobilized to respond to some of the deepest needs in our community through ShareFest, CityFest with Luis Palau, church-school partnerships, and other key initiatives in areas such as literacy, marriage, and racial unity.
    • We have served as the Central Arkansas host for the Global Leadership Summit and through our partnership with the Antioch School for Church Planting and Leadership Development are providing quality leadership training and accredited church-based theological education for a growing movement of leaders.

With this history, you might ask “Why change our name?” It’s a great question. Those who been a part of this growing movement from its beginning love the story of Nehemiah and how it pictures our core values of prayer, leadership, and transformation. Nehemiah was a great leader who served in the city of Jerusalem around 445 B.C. in a time of great human need and spiritual crisis. He not only prayed, but united his people in a strategic work which transformed the wellbeing of their city.

As much as we value our history and the story that inspired our name, for those not as familiar with Nehemiah,  it does not communicate immediately who we are.  We believe  “CityChurch Network” describes more clearly who we are and our mission to unite churches as “one Church” in a city.  Our expanded vision is to see “CityChurch Networks” develop and connect in cities all across our State and beyond.

For all who have participated, partnered, or been blessed by the Nehemiah Network, be encouraged that we are more committed than ever to our mission to unite the church that the world may know Jesus.  For those who are new to our movement, we are excited to introduce you to the CityChurch Network. For all, we invite you to unite together as we pray, grow, and serve for the glory of God.

~Ray Williams