CityChurch Network Vision


A diverse community of experienced pastors and Christian leaders who understand the challenges and offer a proven biblical approach for uniting churches.


Unite the church through extraordinary prayer, trained leaders, and greater works for the good of the city.

  1. Providing proven, church-based, non-formal theological training for leaders

    By 2025: 1000 Leaders trained through the BILD Institute/ Antioch School 10,000 grass roots leaders trained in the First Principles of the Faith

  2. Encouraging grass-roots and city-wide worship and prayer experiences

    By 2025: 400 leaders meeting monthly in 80 prayer groups around the metro 5000 gathering semi-annually in City-wide OneVoice Concerts of Prayer

  3. Spiritually discerning a few key areas for mobilizing churches into “greater works” that improve the wellbeing our communities

    By 2025: 100 Marriage Champion and (developing) churches in network together 100 Racial Unity Champion and (developing) churches in network together 100 Re:Build Champion and (developing) churches in network together