The united church is Jesus’ solution for our divided world! Together, we are changing the future of Arkansas, restoring it through our churches to a place that is flourishing. Together, we are reversing the trends of fragmented and ineffective efforts that fail to bring significant change and inspiring a new generation of church leaders. Together, we are uniting churches to be the change we need through Extraordinary Prayer, Trained Leaders, and Collective Impact.

You have an opportunity to make a tremendous impact with a Year-End Gift! A faithful donor has made a special gift-matching fund available. We’d ask you to prayerfully consider a gift of support – in any amount – to help us meet this challenge.

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You can make a tangible difference in transforming Arkansas. We are excited about the momentum that is building in the key initiatives shared below, and we are so grateful for our powerful network of churches, volunteers, donors, and families who’ve continued to bring the hope and light of Christ.

Uniting Churches in Extraordinary Prayer

Historic change happens when churches unite in movements of extraordinary prayer. Agreement in prayer represents the greatest opportunity to heal the division in our communities. Through regular rhythms of prayer, we are building a vibrant culture of extraordinary prayer in churches across Arkansas until we truly reflect heaven on earth.

We're believing God for 300 Churches 10 Cities 7200 Intercessors covering Arkansas in unceasing prayer by 2025!

Hear the stories of three Little Rock pastors whose lives and churches have been deeply impacted by Extraordinary Prayer.

There’s nothing like unity. Then it’s not an individual and my exploits, it’s the body of Christ, and that’s a revelation that we have to work back in that we are one body.

Pastor Iverson Jackson
It was so refreshing to attend the Arkansas Prayer Summit again this year! After attending for the first time in 2019 and experiencing the power of prayer and the deep fellowship amongst everyone in attendance, it is a time that I look forward to each year.

Throughout the day’s event, powerful scriptural prayers resonated throughout as the Holy Spirit filled the room. It was so amazing to witness the unprecedented attendance in the midst of all of the pandemic requirements of social distancing and masking. It was even more astonishing to hear and feel the passionate prayers of everyone present poured out in the rhythmic synergized flow as the Intercession Leader led us in each intercessory prayer charge. In addition, what an experience of freedom and truth as the Worship Leader led us in rambunctious praise and worship during the day.

My continual prayer is that we as a unified Body of Christ in Arkansas will keep forging our efforts to pray without ceasing for our city, state, and nation!
Dr. Carla Morris

Uniting Churches in Trained Leaders

We believe strong churches are essential for healthy communities and strong leaders are essential for strong churches. Providing proven, church-based, non-formal theological training for leaders. CityChurch Network connects churches with a church-based, sustainable, and scalable approach to train their leaders.

We're believing God for 10,000 Trained Leaders by 2025!

The Antioch Initiative is equipping the church so all people get trained within the church context. At City Church Network, we want to train leaders within their church context, alongside other area churches to provide a church-based theological education system that integrates church leader development, community development, church planting and vocational pursuit. For Annette, these distinctions made a difference.

I enrolled with a recommendation from one of my pastors. I entered the Antioch School not knowing anything about Socratic discussion nor how a cohort would be set up. I was looking for multiple choices and filling in the blanks. But I got so much more.

Fast forward a few months. Completed my personal development assessment and I was well into my first course, Acts: Keys to the Establishment and Expansion of the Early Church. I began asking questions; Strategy? What strategy? Apostle Paul had a strategy? There it was in plain sight. The holy scriptures are filled with skilled men and women committed to Jesus’ teachings and a belief in His imminent return. I am reminded of the old-fashioned pinball machine and the sound made when the metal ball inside made contact and points were scored. There would be a ping and lights would flash. That was how I felt after I had a written picture of the development of my life and how God was beginning to open the scriptures in a new way for me.

Each week our cohort sits and discusses the questions and the implications for our ministry work. As a ministry leader in my local church, I started to implement some of the early church’s strategy: making sure all our volunteers are trained and able to carry the same message; making sure the ministry lined up with the overall mission of the local church; and make sure all volunteers knew how important it is to support the local church and its leadership.

I realize that is what ministry is all about. In real time facing challenges, preparing yourself to serve and be a resource with others all for the Kingdom of God.
Annette Thomas-Jones
Member, Saint Mark Baptist Church

Uniting Churches in Collective Impact

Research continues to affirm that family brokenness, education, and racial inequality are big issues facing our cities. Healthy families are vital for flourishing communities and the church is God’s plan for developing healthy families. Our Vital Families Initiatives empower churches to strengthen families in churches, in schools, and in life-rebuilding.

We're believing God that every school can have multiple church partners by 2025!

Vital Families in Schools encourages church/school partnerships to serve families through family support opportunities, student mentoring, and family-to-family connections. Hear about the mentoring experience of Windsor Williams through the church-school partnership at his church.

It's fulfilling! You feel like you're doing what God wants you to do; that you're just right-smack-dab in the middle of His will for your life.

Windsor Williams

Providing the Resource of RELATIONSHIP

The Vital Families in Schools Initiative is about churches partnering with schools to strengthen families through moving from a project orientation to a relationship-building one.  It is through relationships that ongoing encouragement and support can happen, and that lives are transformed.

One church, Otter Creek Assembly of God in Little Rock, illustrates that well through the intentional way that they interact with their partner schools and the families within them. Senior Pastor John Tracy’s wife, Pastor Sandra Tracy, and Mary Grace Harper, a former school teacher who now works at the church, engage others in the congregation to provide support and connection to families in need.

The church has gone from donating supplies en masse to schools to an approach of being more intentional and holistic in serving families within the school. Pastor Sandra says, “We don’t know the families’ needs, but the teachers know the needs. So, we reach out to the teachers in our congregation, the counselors at the schools, and the Parent Resource Center to hear about specific things that are needed.” But, they don’t stop there. They are about connecting with the families they serve as well. She continues, “You can meet a need, ‘give them a fish,’ but if you touch their heart, God can do things we can’t even imagine.”

Partner With Us

You can bring the hope of Christ to our communities and shape a new tomorrow for our children, families, and churches. We have a unique opportunity to partner together and invest in these initiatives. Please prayerfully consider if God calling you to come alongside us in this work of His kingdom. With your help and your support of these important CityChurch Network initiatives, we will change the future of Arkansas. Thank you for your prayers and for your generosity.

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