A Call to Hope-Filled Action

Today we grieve. We grieve for the family of George Floyd who was unjustly killed by a white police officer while other officers stood by. We grieve with our friends, brothers, and sisters of color who have long endured the injustice of racism that has taken the lives of their sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers. We grieve for the peaceful protesters whose message is being diminished by rioters and looters with no care for justice. We grieve for the families who have lost businesses, livelihoods, and needed community resources that will take years to recover. We also grieve for the deep divisions in our country that have left many discouraged that any real change could be possible. Though we grieve, we have hope.

The gospel of Jesus is a message of hope for the hopeless, justice for the oppressed, and healing for the broken. It was said of Jesus in Matthew 12:18, “Behold, my servant whom I have chosen, my beloved with whom my soul is well pleased. I will put my Spirit upon him, and he will proclaim justice to the nations.” As followers of Jesus, our voice must be heard against the evil of racism and injustice toward our brothers and sisters. We must stand in solidarity with the oppressed and take meaningful action toward the kind of true, lasting, meaningful transformation that comes at the heart level. It was the death of an innocent man that brought justice for our sin, and it is through his resurrection that He offers forgiveness, peace, and hope to all who believe in him. Jesus Christ is our only true hope!

Today, as the body of Christ, it is time for our churches to resolve to work together to bring hope and healing to our communities. 

  • It’s time for our churches to be unified in repentance of our silence that has allowed the injustice of systemic racism to persist and continue in our society. It is time for our churches to speak boldly and clearly against racism wherever it exists. 
  • It’s time for our churches to be united in extraordinary prayer for revival and spiritual awakening in our communities. 
  • It’s time for our churches to work together to train our people in the way of Christ so that we are becoming spiritual families of hope and healing. 
  • It’s time for our churches to create intentional environments that foster authentic relationships and honest conversations with those from different backgrounds, provide a biblical view of race, and encourage individuals to use their influence to bring about justice, freedom, and opportunity for all people in our community.

Heavenly Father, we humbly request that you fill us with courage and conviction to work together for the benefit of all people in our community and for your glory!

Note:   A number of churches have experienced significant transformation through participation in CityChurch Network’s Race Under Grace Initiative.  If you have interest in how your church can lead or participate in this  experience, contact Windsor Williams at windsorwinnie67@gmail.com or Ray Williams at rwilliams@citychurchar.org.

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