groups of men and women praying together

Building a Thriving Culture of Citywide Prayer

My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples. — Isaiah 56:7

groups of men and women praying together

Extraordinary Prayer

Scripture and history attest that extraordinary prayer is the engine of spiritual awakening. Every great move of God has always been preceded by movements of extraordinary prayer.

Agreement in prayer represents the greatest opportunity to unite our cities across divisive boundaries. Through these ongoing rhythms of prayer we are building a thriving culture of extraordinary prayer across Arkansas until we become a true reflection of heaven on earth.

Over the last 20 years the CityChurch Network has founded all of its work on prayer through the annual Arkansas Prayer Summit, National Day of Prayer, One Voice Citywide Prayer events, Leader Prayer Groups, Monthly Prayer Guides, and Arkansas Prays.

Prayer events

Arkansas Prays

Arkansas Prays is a city and state prayer movement to strengthen the church and the connections between churches in Arkansas with this simple, church-based model for unceasing prayer. Local churches are working together across denominations, ethnicities, generations, and locations to collectively cover Arkansas in 24/7 prayer. The CityChurch Network is joining with networks in many other states who are raising up 40,000 churches to cover America in 24/7 prayer with America Prays.

row of people holding hands and praying

One Voice

One Voice Citywide Prayer events are organized regularly to gather every church in the city for an evening of extraordinary prayer. Hosted by different churches each time, One Voice is lead by a diverse team of pastors and worship leaders brought together from several churches.

These events occur every year on the evenings of the National Day of Prayer (the first Thursday in May) and the Thursday before Thanksgiving. One Voice is always free and open to the public. Mark your calendar and join the movement by helping us spread the word!

row of people holding hands and praying
large group of people gathered in prayer

Prayer Summit

As pastors and ministry leaders, we share a passion for the transformation of our communities. Our calendars are full and schedules booked in pursuit of the impact that we all desire, but Jesus is beckoning us, “one thing is necessary.” I want to invite you to a day of the “one thing” at the Arkansas Prayer Summit.

The Arkansas Prayer Summit is an annual retreat for pastors and ministry leaders from across Arkansas. For more than 20 years, as part of our rhythm of extraordinary prayer, we take this time to get away and be saturated in Spirit-led, worship-fed, scripture-based prayer for revival in Arkansas. This is powerful time of the presence of God, spiritual refreshment and connection with other pastors and ministry leaders.

Join us for a day of extended prayer in this critical hour for revival in Arkansas. Space is limited, so sign up today.

large group of people gathered in prayer
room with groups of people praying

“The 2019 Prayer Summit marked the 16th Arkansas Prayer Summit in a row that I’ve attended since discovering it back in February of 2004. Each has been like one of my children; special and unique in its own way. I would not have made it through 16.5 years of urban ministry were it not for the encouragement that I’ve received from both the power of prayer and the deep fellowship I’ve experienced at these summits.”

Harry Li
Pastor, Mosaic Church, Little Rock

room with groups of people praying

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