Prayer Stories: Does Your Church Need A Spark?

The Lord had placed on the hearts of many in our congregation the desire to pray more. For GOD to be glorified and honored through answered prayer was the purpose. We were led to begin The Summit Third Wednesday, 24-hour Unceasing Prayer Team, in February of this year. The connection team set up an app to cover links to our church’s ministry prayer requests, City Church Network prayer points, and One Cry prayer points. It also included a link to sign up new prayer team members and automatically insert them into our team register. By May, with God’s grace, 47 of the 48 30-minute time slots were filled.

During the months of April, May, June, and July, one of the members of our team temporarily filled in the one remaining time slot of 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM. We felt led not to ask someone to fill that spot but to ask God to fill the spot.

God did fill the 5 PM slot in a way that only He can get ALL the glory.

I sent out an email in late July using our church information program. I addressed it to all team members. I received an email back from someone I did not recognize, asking us to include his wife on the prayer team. I called the church office to find out more information about this “new” member. As it turned out, they were not in our database, except he had signed up for the Unceasing Prayer Team. This really piqued my interest. “Who connects to a church by way of a prayer team?” I wanted to meet these people.

My wife and I went to visit this couple. They were a very gracious and inviting young couple with two young daughters. They even fed us brunch. We learned they had been to our services but, for some reason, were not properly entered into the Summit’s database.

While visiting with the husband, he acknowledged he wanted to get his family into church. By God’s grace, he recommitted his life to Christ.

To God be the glory!
Rick Greeson, Summit Unceasing Prayer Team

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