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Arkansas Prays is a city and state prayer movement to strengthen churches in Arkansas with this simple, church-based model for unceasing prayer. Local churches are working together across denominations, ethnicities, generations, and locations to collectively cover Arkansas in layers of 24/7 prayer. The CityChurch Network is excited to be part of this movement alongside similar networks in many other states to raise up 40,000 churches to cover America in 24/7 prayer with America Prays.

How To Sign Up

  1. Adopt a Day of Prayer: The Pastor will sign up the church using the button below for the chosen monthly full-day or half-day (12am-12pm or 12pm-12am) to cover in prayer. Your church will cover the same date or day each month.
  2. Appoint a Coordinator: The Coordinator is a member of the church who, under the leadership of the pastor, can organize, schedule, and provide general leadership for your adopted day of prayer.
  3. Share the Vision: The Pastor shares the vision with the church body in advance. Share the goals behind the day of prayer, affirm the prayer coordinator in his/her role, and encourage people to choose 30 – 60-minute time slots on your chosen day.
  4. Recruit and Follow Up: You can use prayer commitment cards or a sign-up sheet during or after service or have church members contact your coordinator to sign up for a prayer time slot. Then your coordinator can follow up with those who sign up via your preferred communication method with prayer points, schedule reminders, and encouragement.
  5. Pray! Church members can pray from home, work, school, or at the church during their chosen time slot! You can take the lead and shape your day of prayer to fit your church body. We will supply you with helpful tools and prayer guides to promote agreement in prayer.

Pastors only need to sign up their church once using the button below to be added to the online calendar. Your Coordinator will manage the individual time slot sign-up process internally. Each pastor and coordinator will be added to an email list to receive helpful tools to strengthen your monthly day of prayer. You can contact Logan Bloom with any questions at [email protected]!

Together, we will be able to look at the calendar and know that Arkansas is covered in prayer at every hour of every day across denominations, ethnicities, and generations. Thank you for participating with us!


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