An Invitation to the 2020 Little Rock Congregational Study

 For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”  Mark 10:45, The English Standard Bible

We know these familiar words, but In the midst of overwhelming needs and opportunities, and yet with limited time and resources, “how and where do we encourage our congregation to serve?”    It’s a real question that pastors and leaders have always faced, but it’s even more relevant in our current reality   We pray, we seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and we listen.  We listen to our congregation and we listen to our community.    One great tool to help a church listen and learn about our current community needs and how our churches are responding is the Little Rock Congregational Study.   

This year’s 2020 Little Rock Congregational Study (learn more) will be the 4th survey conducted since  2012.  Over the past 8 years, over 42% of the places of worship in Little Rock have participated in the study.  Rebecca Glazier, Associate Professor in the School of Public Affairs and the Research Team Leader says, 

“We have learned that when congregations serve the community, it creates a culture of service that also leads members to serve in their own places of worship,” In addition Glazier said. “We have learned that growing congregations are significantly more likely to be led by clergy who are engaged in the community.”   

Two exciting new features in this year’s study are (1) it will be conducted online and (2)participating churches will receive a free and confidential summary report for their church.  

City Church Network joins with a dozen religious and community leaders who have recently given statements of support (read here) for this year’s 2020 Study.  

Contact Rebecca Glazier at to learn more about how your congregation can participate.

1 thought on “An Invitation to the 2020 Little Rock Congregational Study”

  1. Charlie Conklin

    Congregational Study is very appropriate at this time. I am praying for a large participation. I would also encourage pastors to engage their leadership ( Elders, Deacons, Mission and Ministry Leaders) both in the survey as appropriate and sharing the study results. The issues are more than can be shouldered by a pastor alone.

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