Strategic Initiatives

Building on the success of a twenty-year movement of prayer and serving our city, CityChurch Network is a multi-denominational, multi-ethnic gospel movement uniting churches through extraordinary prayer, trained leaders, and collective impact. We strive to unite the church around strategic initiatives that are informed by research, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and focused for greater impact.

Extraordinary Prayer Initiatives

Historic change happens when churches unite in movements of extraordinary prayer. Agreement in prayer represents the greatest opportunity to heal the division in our communities. Through regular rhythms of prayer, we are building a vibrant culture of extraordinary prayer in churches across Arkansas until we truly reflect heaven on earth.


Arkansas Prays

Movements of prayer have always been the catalysts of historic spiritual awakening. Just as the early church set heaven as their example, unceasing prayer is an important part of the vibrancy of our churches. The goal of our Arkansas Prays initiative is to cover many communities with 24/7 prayer! Churches are linking together across denominations, ethnicities, generations, and locations and benefiting from vibrant prayer in their congregation. That means any time of any day, you will be able to look at our calendar and see multiple churches covering that day in prayer! Arkansas Prays is part of a national effort to cover all 50 States in 24/7 prayer.

One Voice

The regional church united in prayer is the most powerful force in all creation. As our churches grow in vibrant prayer, we regularly gather together to pray with One Voice. One Voice Citywide Prayer events are organized quarterly to gather every church in the city for an evening of extraordinary prayer. Hosted by different churches each time, One Voice is led by a diverse team of pastors and worship leaders brought together from many different churches. Every One Voice is different and each one gives us a greater glimpse of heaven on earth.

One Voice is always free and open to the public.

Arkansas Prayer Summit

As pastors and ministry leaders, we share a passion for the transformation of our communities. Our schedules are overbooked in pursuit of the impact that we all desire with few opportunities to seek the Lord in extended prayer. For more than 20 years, pastors and ministry leaders of all kinds attend the Arkansas Prayer Summit to get away and be saturated in Spirit-led, worship-fed, scripture-based prayer for revival in Arkansas. This is a powerful time of the presence of God, spiritual refreshment, and connection with other pastors and ministry leaders.

Join us for a retreat of seeking the Lord for revival in Arkansas. Space is limited, so sign up today.

Trained Leaders Initiatives

We believe strong churches are essential for healthy communities and strong leaders are essential for strong churches. Providing proven, church-based, non-formal theological training for leaders. CityChurch Network connects churches with a church-based, sustainable, and scalable approach to train their leaders.


Antioch Initiative

A core group of area churches guide a church-based theological education system that integrates church leader development, community development, church planting and vocational pursuit.

In addition to local church-based ministry certificate, undergraduate, graduate and seminary degree programs, the Antioch Initiative helps establish and prepare leaders for ministry and career.

Central Arkansas is one of 6 “pilot cities” launching Antioch Initiatives in partnership with BILD International.

Race Under Grace

The greatest hope for racial unity is the love, peace, and hope of Jesus Christ. Still, progress requires intentionality—a Christ-centered call to action.

Pastors and leaders are being trained and leading their congregations through a biblically-based journey to embrace the beauty of racial unity.

Collective Impact Initiatives

Research continues to confirm that family brokenness, education, and racial inequality are big issues facing our cities. Healthy families are vital for flourishing communities and the church is God’s plan for developing healthy families. Our Vital Families Initiatives empower churches to strengthen families in churches, in schools, and in life-rebuilding.


Vital Families in Churches

Vital Families in Churches  encourages and assists church leaders in developing vision and strategy, identifying proven resources, and coaching leaders to strengthen marriage, men’s, women’s, and parenting ministries in their church.

Our dream of igniting a church-led movement for healthy marriages is now actively helping churches strengthen their marriage ministries.

Pastors, leaders, couples, and professional counselors are helping churches advocate for the social, spiritual, and economic values of Biblical marriage.

Vital Families in Schools

Vital Families in Schools encourages church/school partnerships seeking to serve families through: family support opportunities, student mentoring, family to family connection

Vital Families in Life Rebuilding

Vital Families in Life ReBuilding encourage churches to partner with community-based non-profits by providing extended family support for those who are coming out of traumatic life experiences such as generational poverty, an unexpected pregnancy, getting out of prison, aging out of foster care, etc.   Life Rebuilding happens best in a spiritual community that is providing both training and support in life skills, work skills, and faith development.

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