Five Ways Seeking the Welfare of the City Will Help Your Church Grow (Part 2) – Extraordinary Prayer

Robert Bakke writes in The Power of Extraordinary Prayer, “there are times and moments in history that call out for extraordinary prayer—prayer that is above and beyond normal requirements. Pentecost was such a time, as was Acts 4 when Peter and John were arrested, the arrest and miraculous release of Peter in Acts 12, and the commissioning of Paul and Barnabas in Acts 13, are just a few of the examples. (p. 29).”

In the history of the Church, there are also multiple examples. Many historians believe the 100 years “prayer watch” of the Moravian Church fueled the modern mission’s movement. The 1740’s Jonathan Edward’s treatise, An Humble Attempt to Promote Explicit Agreement and Visible Union of God’s People, In Extraordinary Prayer, for the Revival of Religion and The Advancement of Christ’s Kingdom on Earth, inspired “concerts of prayer” that led to the led to the Second Great Awakening in America.

Facing increasing social decline, cultural conflict, and loss of influence as the Church, we are living in a day calling us to extraordinary prayer. Your church will experience the power of Christ in fresh ways as you unite with others in your city in extraordinary prayer that is increasing, unceasing, and persevering. Prayer will increase as more and more believers unite to cry out to God that His kingdom would come here in your city as it is in heaven.

It can become unceasing as each church agrees to “own a section of the wall” in a citywide 24/7 prayer initiative by simply committing to cover a 12- or 24-hour period once a month. When your people connect with God and persevere with others in united prayer, their love for Christ will grow, their effectiveness in prayer will grow, and the supernatural power of God at work in your church and the community will grow, and your church will grow.

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