Pastors Unite to Strengthen Marriage

Several years leaders began meeting to explore how to build on the 2005 Arkansas Study. Since that time, a core team of concerned pastors and leaders have continued to seek God’s purpose on how the Central Arkansas Marriage Initiative could help support churches as they work in their congregations and communities to help marriages. Recently the team met with leaders from the San Antonio Marriage Initiative and out of that discover process has created a plan for impact in Central Arkansas.

Students Accept Christ!

Students prayingOne thousand students from more than 30 Central Arkansas schools attended a coordinated showing of the movie Woodlawn on Wednesday, October 28. Matt Hubbard, Student Ministry Pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church, who coordinated the event said “dozens responded to Jesus, dozens more committed to student prayer movements, and most importantly, God showed up!” Another pastor said that 25% of the students who attended from his church made decisions to follow Christ. Praise be to God!

Pastors and intercessors have been praying that God would use this movie in a powerful way for His glory in our community and we are witnessing that happening. We are inviting pastors and Intercessors to pray that those who made decisions will get connected with churches where they can grow in their faith, and to continue praying that hundreds more will follow Christ.

Could a Movie Be a Catalyst for Revival?

Summit Pastor Bill Elliff recently attended the national pre-release of the upcoming movie  Woodlawn. It is  based on the powerful  true story of how love and unity overcame hate and division in early 1970s Birmingham, Ala.

A  growing  number of pastors believe God could use it in a powerful way in our community.

A  significant number of students who have seen the movie in pre-screenings have turned to Christ.


It is possible when God’s people are crying out in unity that God in His sovereign grace would bring revival to his people and spiritual awakening in our land and community.

CLICK HERE to watch the Movie Trailer.

Two Special Screening Opportunities for Pastors

  1. Pastors attending the Third Thursday Prayer Connection are invited to a limited seat screening immediately following the prayer time from approximately 1:00-3:00 p.m.
  2. A special screening for Central Arkansas Leaders will be held at Immanuel Baptist Church on Monday September 21, at 6:30 p.m.

Marriage Matters

We know the facts but we needed reminders:  

Children benefit from two parent homes:

  • 80% less likely to live in poverty and rely on welfare;
  • Lower involvement in drug and alcohol abuse, gangs, and crime.

Marriage is good for men and women:

  • Increasing the likelihood of better health, lower rates of disability
  • Reducing the rates of drug and alcohol abuse

Marriage means better economic outcomes:

  • Over a ten year period, tax payers save about $100,000 for every marriage saved
  • Children are more likely to complete college and have better jobs

Over 30 faith leaders were reminded that marriage matters. We gathered at Family Life on January 8th. Leaders from non profits, churches, state and government organizations came together because of their desire to improve the health of marriages in our area.

We gathered together to do more than review the facts. We gathered to be reminded that a united church is needed to impact our continued high divorce rates and decreased marriage rates. We came together because God wants us to serve together.

A united church does what we did. We cried out to God, we recognized our role in not working together to impact marriages. We sought his forgiveness, his power to bring hope.

We committed in our own congregations to engage in National Marriage Week, Feb. 7-14.
We each agreed to do something this week, a sermon, a date night, a workshop, something to encourage marriage. We connected with each other to being a long journey of being more intentional in the way we support marriages.

We prayed as we launched this network of leaders who want to identify strategic ways to improve the way we encourage marriage. The Central Arkansas Healthy Marriage Initiative (CAMI) was launched with a clear mission–to improve the lives of Arkansas by promoting healthy marital relationships. CAMI participants are bridge builders who connect folks interested in God’s plan for marriage with a desire to strengthen couples and families.

Contact Phil Goad ( if you want more information about National Marriage Week or CAMI.

This article was contributed  by Gerald Driskill, a member of the Nehemiah Network Servant Leader Team and Chairman of the Central Arkansas Marriage Initiative.