Mr. Spickles, a Divine Appointment, and Teaching Your Children to Pray

Our daughter turned 2 a few weeks ago. A friend posted about a book, Mr. Spickles Learns to Pray. My grandparents asked what they could get her for her birthday and I suggested this book. When she received, “Mr. Spickles Learns to Pray”, I realized the author was local and I friended her on a social platform. 

Our team took a few days to fast and pray at the beginning of the month. That week I heard the Holy Spirit say to slow down. I cleared my calendar for Friday. Thursday evening late in the day, I saw an invitation to a holiday market from a friend (who I didn’t know) on Social Media. On Friday my daughter, Mom, and I drove to the market. 

As we turned the first corner inside the market we saw Mr. Spickles, a puppet Dog with a large button decorated collar. Our generally reserved daughter was immediately drawn to the women at the booth and the dog, Mr. Spickles. Timid to walk right up to Mr. Spickles she just watched. The author was a kind woman, Missie. She was the one who had sent the invitation to the market. I introduced myself to Missie and how we got to the market. It was because of her social media post. 

Missie and I talked for an incredibly long time. They sell books, Mr. Spickles Learns to Pray – to teach children to pray. She runs a Non-Profit, Women of Prayer United, in Arkadelphia, which exists to train women to pray for their churches, cities, states, country, and world. She had spent a day in prayer at the beginning of the month. Does this sound familiar to you? 

“Prayer has remained CityChurch Network’s foundation since our inception. Bringing churches together in intentional prayer has built a strong and growing network and enabled us to hear and answer God’s call together. Events like the unifying Arkansas Prays, which seeks to cover Arkansas in 24/7 prayer, invigorates churches and communities toward a common goal while harnessing the transformational power of prayer.”

While Missie and I realized this was a true Divine Appointment, I notice our daughter inching toward Mr. Spickels. By this time, she is really ‘all over’ the dog. Specifically fixated on the dog’s collar which is covered in large buttons. I asked Missie about the collar and she tells me a beautiful story of God’s provision. That He will handle our needs down to the very last button. Something I had struggled to believe that week. By this time, we are sharing tears of joy from this story and God’s amazing ways to connect us. 

Distracted because of the amazement of the Holy Spirit’s movement, I didn’t see a reporter taking pictures of our girl. Missie brought it to my attention. The reporter was from a local paper. Our daughter and Missie’s book, Mr. Spickels Learns to Pray, were highlighted in a local paper that weekend. You can read the local article here:—perfect-for-brookhill-ranchs-fall-market

If you need a great gift for young children in your life, please consider Missie’s book. There are 5 books in the series. The first book, Mr. Spickles Learns to Pray can be purchased here: 

This might seem minimal, but it proves (to me) that God is on the move, in similar and united ways without us doing anything. We are called to pray. We are called to trust that He will provide down to the very last button each time. For me, it encouraged me to invite people into God’s movement. I am emboldened to not miss opportunities for others to have the opportunity to partner. 

If you are interested in learning more about how the City Church Network partners with other ministries or our call to prayer please visit our website and reach out to one of our team members. 

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